Begleys No Iron Fabric Wrinkle Remover


This plant-based formula is a fast and effective alternative to hand ironing.

  • Removes Wrinkles without Ironing
  • Refreshes Clothing with a Citrus Scent
  • Perfect for Home and Travel Use
  • 3 oz. size meets TSA carry-on standards
  • Non-Hazardous Plant Based Formula
  • Recyclable Non-Aerosol Bottle


Simply spray, smooth, and hang for wrinkle free clothes without ironing.

Removes wrinkles from freshly laundered clothes, and items stored in drawers and closets. Indispensable for travelers living out of suitcases and students in dorms. Also great for touching up garments wrinkled during use. In addition, product freshens garments with a clean citrus scent. Saves time and resources by eliminating unnecessary laundry and dry cleaning.

DIRECTIONS: Shake product well and spray garment. Next, “snap” garment downward, and smooth out wrinkles by hand. Place on hanger and allow to dry. Garment will be ready to wear once it is dry. For heavy and set wrinkles, saturate garment and allow to dry overnight.