our story

In 2004, on a beautiful July night in Southern California , co-founders Matt Bays and Mark Cunningham were listening to their wives (for once as they tell the story) conversation about being frustrated with the household cleaners on the market that did not perform up to expectations. Both of us had just installed kitchens with Stainless Steel appliances and we literally could not find anything on the market that cleaned and shined the steel. The next day Matt and Mark discussed plans to develop a line of high performance cleaners that performed up to expectations.

Today, Bayes Cleaners Inc has over 20 products including the recent launch of our new EuroSpa Hand Soap line. We are not only dedicated to the environment, but are dedicated to customer service. So please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, Matt or Mark will respond. We guarantee it! Be true to your community and environment. Go Green!

two guys who created it all

Matt Bays
I have been in the entrepreneurial world since I graduated from The University of Arizona in 1990. I started a packaging design and distribution firm in 1991 that was ultimately acquired in 1999. In 1997, experience and customer demand spurred the launch of AmeriPak Industries, a service-based contract packaging company. All of my business endeavors have been in the paper, packaging, and transportation industries. Thus, the environment and a clear sustainability agenda were critical components to our values, mission, and growth. I currently reside in Orange County, CA with my wonderful wife and children. I spend my free time with family, and surfing the California coast whenever I get the opportunity!

Mark Cunningham
Growing up in a small town atmosphere in Seal Beach, California, I earned a huge appreciation for the environment and the importance of close friends and family. I started my career at Conagra Foods where I developed a huge respect for the importance of a defined business plan. After 11 years with Conagra I went to work for Kaytee Inc which was a manufacture of bird and small animal foods. I transferred to Chicago in the winter of 1998 and fell in love with the Midwest. My last 7 years prior to starting Lab-Clean Inc I worked as director of sales for Libman Inc, where I learned the value of what it takes to run a small business and how quality and customer service are the two biggest attributes a company can have. My passions now are my family (wife and 2 boys), the environment, friends, USC Football, wine, golf, my new found passion blogging and of course Bayes Hi Performance Cleaners. Life is good!!