Global benefits of the refillable Lab Clean soap-filled box reduces the company’s present plastic use by 70%

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif.—JULY 29, 2021—Lab Clean, the manufacturer of environmentally conscious health and beauty soaps for personal care, today announced the introduction of its new, sustainable Eco-Refill box for its popular, plant-derived foaming hand soap. Lab Clean is a company dedicated to innovation and global responsibility in its packaging and products.

Bayes Eco-Refill Box

Lab Clean Launches Sustainable Eco-Refill Box for Its Cleaning Solution on Amazon

The box features a convenient spout near its base which enables the user to dispense product without having to lift and pour from a heavy, cumbersome plastic bottle. This design innovation helps avoid spills. Lab Clean observed in the industry that the inconvenience of conventional bottle approaches has lowered enthusiasm for refill options. The Eco-Refill box solves this problem.

Lab Clean has introduced its sustainable Eco-Refill box program under the Bayes brand. The Bayes Liquid Refill Box is made from recyclable and biodegradable corrugated material, reducing plastic use during production by 70%. The internal plastic bag that holds the soap refill comprises only 25% of the packaging. Bayes Foaming Hand Soap is made from plant-derived ingredients and is confirmed by the USDA as “Biobased Certified.”

“People want packaging options that align with the reduction of global plastic,” said Mark Cunningham, CEO of Lab Clean. “We are introducing the best, most convenient refill packaging option, resulting in a tremendous reduction in waste. Our customer base always challenges us to look for ways to reduce plastic, and it made sense to introduce the box program. We have already inspired several other manufacturing partners which are now interested in changing their current packaging to the refill box option.”

Lab Clean’s customers are passionate about environmental issues. They try to buy only alternative and environmentally conscious products and packaging options. Customers are happy with shopping in bulk and buying refillable packaging for added value.

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